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Global Oil Market Investment

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Timeline & Roadmap

2015 — February

A team of professional traders and software developers founded World Oil Trade platform. After yielding profitable results, the platform was acquired in October.

2016 — January

Successfully closed deals in UAE and started expansion plan. Q2 market downfall, company expanded to South East Asia to seek financial support. Target to achieve total fund raising of USD$10,000,000 in Q4 2017.

2017 — June

Centralized global investors into single platform. Rises of alternative powers continue to pressure market. Company venture into major cryptocurrencies with capital of USD$1,000,000.

2018 — December

Company focus on branding and CSR through social media, exihiibtions and road shows. Target to reach total employees of 200 in Q3 2019.

2019 — March

Reach over 20,000 investors and 27 countries across Europe and South East Asia. Acquired two IT based company and venture into Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with the expenditure of USD$8,000,000 in Singapore.

Current — Future

Target to complete AI forex and stocks trading in Q4 2019. Release AI trading software in Mid 2020 and target to reach 100,000 investors and total group values of USD$100,000,000 by Q3 2021.

State of the art software developments, social media and professional analyzer that promote teams to work together to accelerate the growth of your wealth on the internet

World Oil Trade company was founded by a team of professional traders in Canada and software developers from UK in 2015.

In July 2016, World Oil Trade has expanded its subsidiary companies to target South East Asia market.

World Oil Trade has since became as successful as its predecessor and continue growing strong in recent years.

Rise of Social Media and Impact of World Oil Trade

In June 2017, World Oil Trade officially launched members portal to connect and share its successful stories with worldwide investors.

In December 2018, World Oil Trade started its social media platform in Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp to engage people around the world.

Globalization of World Oil Trade

In March 2019, World Oil Trade has gained over 20,000 users over 20+ countries, mainly focus in Europe and South East Asia.

Since then, World Oil Trade is confidently released the Artificial Intelligence (AI) supported program to assist fund manager by increase the profitability rate.

The responses and feedback from the trading platform are overwhelmed by the team performance thus successfully closed some infamous partnerships.

The trading and collaboration as a result are very promising hence encourage more users to participate in World Oil Trade as part of the group.

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